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Lefteris Samson


Work can & must also be fun! Here are some of the special projects I've been lucky enough to have participated in.


Stelios Vikos Cola Lefteris Samson

Maybe the most creative and fun project ever created. This is "Stelios". A puppet who thinks is human. Stelios is a musician, songwriter and performer who decides to enter a major talent show, but gets rejected because...he's not human! He then sets up his own youtube channel and starts uploading music videos, just to prove everyone how talented he is and how wrong the talent show was to reject him...After a while, a beverage company called "Vikos" discovers Stelios and starts sponsoring him, so that he can continue making music! SSQ advertising agency along with "Vikos cola" truly gave birth to a unique character, who is worth remembering! Stelios is not currently active, but who knows...he might return with a great song someday!

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